There are two kinds of termites to watch out for: subterranean and drywood. Subterranean termites will burrow up from underground nests to feed on decayed wood, while drywood termites fly and nest in dry structures like furniture and siding. Let us perform an exterior and interior inspection; we’ll look for shed wings, mud tubes, frass, and anything else that points to one or both of these termites.


Come winter, these insects might enter your property for the warmth; from there, they’ll eat any meat, sugar, or pet food that you’ve left lying around. Whether you find carpenter ants nesting in your siding or pharaoh
ants in your medical facility, you’ll find that vinegar and boric acid won’t be enough to ward them off. Our team will trace the ants to their nest and spray them with a special liquid insecticide.


These pests are notoriously fast breeders, trigger allergies and asthma, and carry all kinds of germs. When roach motels don’t cut it, you can request a thorough fumigation service from us.


If you’re waking up with clusters of bites on your skin, you may have picked up bed bugs, perhaps while staying at a hotel or motel. These insects love to hide in snug areas like the mattress, box spring, and bed frame as well as closets and cracks in walls. Moving to another room will only make matters worse, so have us exterminate them using either fumigation or a whole room heat treatment.


Rodents can infiltrate your home or business through holes and cracks, burrow into your kitchen area, and tear up insulation and cardboard in order to build their nests. We can lay traps and poisoned bait and perform rodent exclusion at the same time.


Bees and wasps aren’t hard to distinguish: the first are fat and furry, while the second are thin and have clear divisions between the head, torso, and abdomen. Since both are beneficial to the environment, we’ll perform a safe, humane removal.

There are many other pests we treat, including